The success story of Hemant Mahto aka M.N Hemant. Boy from Village

The success story of Hemant Mahto is different from all. There are a lot of stories which you have been heard from the past couple of years but this story will definitely be going to give goosebumps. M.N Hemant’s success story is different from anyone else.

This boy is from Bokaro Jharkhand India. He belongs to a very small farmer family. After his 12th standard, he decided to do something else. So he started his youtube channel and uploaded videos. If we try to go in-depth then his father is a pure farmer and his mother is a cook in a government school.

Instead of this, he is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and digital marketer. From the beginning, he is excellent in studies and tops his classes. A newspaper covered his journey when he topped in his school. People started to think that he will become a doctor or an engineer and will surely be going to make his family proud.

But, at this point of time he got an android mobile in 2016 when he was in 10th standard.

This time Reliance jio was spreading like thunder in all over India because jio network providing the data for free. One of his friends was also having an android phone and using jio network and told him that you will get money after uploading videos on youtube. So, all the work has been done.

Now he understood what he wants to do and in one of his interviews with josh talk, he clearly mentioned that opportunity never comes to you. Actually you need to find them.

So, how you are going to get these opportunities. According to MN Hemant, you will get this opportunity by proving yourself. prove yourself by giving all your energy to a particular task. Want to play a game give it to 100%, want to study give it to 100% and he did the same for all of the things he did in his life.

Success story of Hemant Mahto is full of ups and downs but at harsh times he balances him like an matured person even at very small age.

He also understood that his parents are not capable enough that they going to send their son for higher studies. Most of the time his parents fail to submit his school fees and due to that, he was not able to give exams.

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With the help of his friend, he started his journey on youtube on the 5th of September 2016. But, in the beginning, he doesn’t have any idea how to make videos and on which topic are people going to see the videos? He was confused.

He uploaded 4-5 videos and after that, he gave his exams in march 2017 and got 10 CGPA. after this result, many of the students like MN Hemant start to find the college and stream but MN Hemant doesn’t have money to take admission for his higher studies. So, he didn’t take up any admission and started to work as a data entry operator in an NGO.

Now, he is totally cleared that he wanted to do something different but not clear about how to and what to do?

From the very beginning, he was a brilliant student and by winning education competition he got a tablet in form of a prize from a local political party. So he is having a tab and an internet connection of JIO. In the free time, he studies the internet and does his own research and development about how youtube works and how the internet works?

But again there was a problem with making videos he needs tools like editing software, tripod stand, lightning, mic and a lot more. And, in the far village from where he is going to get these things.

So in his village, he figured out that there are some self-help groups running for women. In these groups the women on a weekly basis save money. With the help of that, his mother got a budget 4g smartphone. So, he again started his youtube journey with that smartphone and his JIO network. From October 2017 till now he is active on youtube.

He faced a lot of challenges. One of his images is too much popular in which he has been captured during shooting his video by placing the camera above the table fan.

mn hemant success story. mn hemant is a boy from bokaro jharkhand and now he is a entrepreneur. He is having his own youtube channel named as mn hemant.
mn hemant shooting his video

He was having only 2 MP cameras in his smartphone but on the other side, he was too stubborn that he will be going to make videos on that camera only. People use to say that now after leaving studies he will going to make videos and laugh at him. He got bad comments. But, he keeps moving forward and keep going on with his video-making process.

Because he knows and understands that people will surely make hate comments and spread negative things about him as unsuccessful people do this all the time. But, you have to do your own things at the same pace. You need not give up on your dreams.

MN Hemant keeps analyzing his work and tracking all the activities which he was doing is correct or not or in the right direction or not. Self-analysis is really important. With the help of self-analysis, you will understand how much you are into water or you are in the right direction or not?

After 4 months he started getting views then subscribers and money as well. He completed 1 lakh subscribers and get silver play button.

This is how his study and youtube journey goes very well with ups and down. And, now he is a digital marketer and consulting businesses.

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