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MBA Chaiwala success story. Here we present to you the success story of Prafull Billore aka MBA Chaiwala. Prafull Billore is a young entrepreneur in India. As a typical Indian student, he also thinks and has an immense desire to get admission into the top prestigious MBA colleges of India IIM.

success story of MBA Chaiwala. Praful billore is famous young entrpreneur who love to serve chai. He is now generating crores of revenue and his story is unique. You must read.
Success story MBA Chaiwala

But, in India, if you want to get into IIM(Indian Institute of management) You must clear CAT(Common admission test). He starts to prepare for that examination. He was occupied by books and always think about how he should clear those exams?

There were no family and friends with him the only thing he got was books and a cup of tea. This is how his world looks like. In three years he has given two failed attempts. Finally, he broke down, lost, and stumbled. After three years he was shattered because nothing has happened.

He closed his doors and slept for weeks because he was clueless and nothing left in his life. This is all because he has given three precious years of his life to CAT Preparation.

After this, he told his father that he is not going to touch the book again in his life.  He packed his bag and move to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. But, he realizes that roaming in different cities is not an option.

He starts to read the story of big peoples from the USA. There he comes to the idea that each and every rich person has done a job in Mc Donalds. So, he gave an interview and got a job of 37 Rs/hour. He has started working there and meeting with different peoples. He started learning as well.

But, after a certain period of time he felt that he has no identity of his own and how long he will be able to do this work?

From their he think that why don’t he start to sell something of his own?

So he decides to open his own burger shop but dropped this idea because as burger business is already well-established business. So he decided to do something Indian type of business and think of chai(Tea).

He remembers the days of his preparation where he was able to practice CAT questions and drinks several cups of tea.

He believes in setting big goals and break them into small parts and then achieve them. So, when you start small and you do something you feel confident. He found someplace to open a restaurant but the cost was 15 lakh Rs. and he was not in a position to take this amount of money from his father as he failed in CAT preparation and a lot of money already his father invested in him.

He found a shop of utensils and buy some tea making utensils in which kettle was also present. He took 45 days to set up his hop but in an actual manner, he was setting up his courage for opening a tea stall as he never made tea for himself.

After doing this he felt very independent. But he needs money and for money, he again told his father a lie. He told me that he needs money to enroll in a course for study. He asked for 10,000 Rs. and his father gave him.

He finds his love of selling tea. He set up his stall and arrange it in a very beautiful manner. On the first day no one comes to his stall. He makes up his mind and tells himself that if no one is coming to him then he will go to other people and tell them that you want tea. But again no one accepted him because he speaks English.

Do people say who is this person who is selling tea and speaking in English? But on the second day, he managed to sell 5 cups of tea and got 30 Rs. after a period of time the selling kept on increasing and people want to know about him more because they felt something different about this guy. Who is selling tea and speaking brilliant English?

He was started making a good amount of money and his Tea sales also on the rise but after 2 months he got a call from his father. His father asked him you went Ahmedabad now what you are doing?

Prafull told nothing I am just finding the right college to do an MBA a demanded more 50,000 Rs for taking admission in MBA college. So, for fulfilling his father’s desire he took admission to MBA college.

But, after 6-7 days in college, he again felt bored with college students because the students was not having any purpose. So, he left college after the 7th day.

This time other Tea shop owners of that locality don’t like him and jealous of him so they bring police and made him leave that place. From 15-20 days he didn’t sell tea. But, his customers were messaging on Facebook, and on other social media channels that where are you?

He went near to the hospital from his area and talked to the doctor and told him what would be the rent he will pay. But at his stall, he did something else as well. He put up a whiteboard over there and start to write about the latest jobs and vacancies in which he got information from his fellow customers.

But again there is confusion in which he had to decide the name of his shop. So he took Mr. Bellore Ahemedabad (MBA).

But, people laugh on him till selling tea was ok but attaching name MBA is not ok for Indian society. But, he again does the same he listens to his heart and doesn’t change his decision. And with this name MBA, chaiwala become famous. He started to get calls from various events and programs.

After two years people use to come to MBA chaiwala for networking purposes not only for chai(Tea). His story was lots of ups and downs.  Now, he is doing business in crores.

He always suggest to people and students that live you own dream and write down your own story with your own hand.

Hope you learned something valuable from the success story of MBA Chaiwala. His josh talk speech on youtube.

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