How to build a brand online in India which will dominate the market.

Building a brand online India is what people search for. The brand is the name of your company right? But it is not. The brand is something that shows something unique in itself. While reading the brand name the message will be totally cleared.

Choosing the name of the brand is not easy. you have to decide and think about what would be the best name suitable for your product and services that you are going to showcase in front of the audience.

Branding is not about having a cool logo but without placing a good advertisement it is nothing.

So, what is a brand?

You will definitely be going to see a lot of definition for what is a brand? There are a number of famous business owners and a number of definitions according to them.

The brand is what the people talk behind yourself or a brand is something that everyone talks about when no one is in the room. This is said by Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon.

After a certain period of time brand becomes a certain kind of identity in which logo and name don’t matter but how well you treat your customers and how much good you are in providing services to the customers matter most.

It is an art of aligning your work in a certain manner that it will reflect an beautifull image among others and vice versa.

People chooses brand most of the time when they don’t understand where to buy.

Focussing on building a brand is important because of this reason. If your brand is coming again and again in front of people then the chances are also great that they will be going to purchase things from you.

15 Steps to create your brand online

Jot down what you have got

Here you need to do a little analysis. Ask yourself at least three times why you want to build a brand if you got perfect answers for yourself then look around you and check which product and service you have. You want to reach more customers or want to build a brand online from scratch.

You must figure out which KPI you want present and on which principle you are going to set brand online.

Doing research 24X7X365

Now, you are clear about the starting point and ending point. Start investing little time to spend on your competitor’s website. If you not understanding what type of tactics you will be going to take then start to copy them. Most of the business owner does the same. At, very beginning they start to generate money.

Invest in it

At, initial level it is must to spend some sor of money because you want to look proffessional and first impression is the last one. So invest your capital into a beautiful logo, website and paid tools. Brand is a personality and people after listening the brand name will create image. It must reflect a trust.

Design it and make it unique

Designing your work is important. Choose the best color which gives a sense to the service or product you are having. If you dont have the correct knowledge of colors than hire some people who can do this work. This part of work also need a brainstorming session.

Find you online voice

Your voice is nothing but it is the tonne which you are going to use all the time. It must be unique and on consistent basis it comes in front of people so that whenever they see or listen about your advertisement they recognize it is your brand.

Choose Internet

Want to promote your product and service in this digital age is not possible without internet. More than million of mobile user are living right now on this earth and almost every individual is having own unique mobile handset with active internet. So, why to wait so much just start to show yourself on the internet.

Create your content

Now you are having a logo, website, and paid tools. This indicates that yes you are all set and start creating valuable content on a consistent basis. Post them on your website, hire video editors, and shoot attractive videos. Don’t forget to publish viral content as they give a natural boost.

Don’t neglect social media

Social media is the key factor in todays google algorithm to boost ranking. It is a simple and clear cut message that is a blog or video getting attention on social media than it will going to rank and generate revenue.

Most of the latest and upcoming brands are going to use social media as a tool.

Promotion of the brand

Promote brand online

Branding online will help you only if you do some extra efforts. In a longer run people are not able to be consistent with their brand promotion online. Must believe in you team and do as follow :

Events – Participate in events as their is chance of getting large audience

Blogging – It is the articals to be written in such a way that search engine will recognize it.

Giveaways – Run some contents and give them price and gifts. So, that they can remember you.

E-Mail Marketing – It is a marketing by which you are ging to nourish your prospect through e-mail.

Video Marketing – The coming world is of videos. So, start to share your Product videos, Office lifestyle video and a lot more on online platforms.

Collaborating with Influencers – Influencers in India or in any other countries are like fire. They are increasing day by day. Approach them and pitch them about your product and service. If they understand your product then they definitely promote your brand . One of the famous Indian youtuber/Influencer is gaurav chaudhary— Here is the link of his youtube channel.

Promote brand offline

Offline marketing is not gone. It is still working because no one is going to take place of roadside banner and posters, mouth to mouth recommendations of the brand could also play a major role. So, never think that the traditional way of marketing the services is not a good way. There are a lot of examples you can see by stepping outside and just watch how a general store and other small scale businesses are existing for very long.

Don’t Stop

Every time you see an opportunity to meet people. Then don’t lose it because no one knows what they offer to you. Always be in acceptance mode. But, before this, you must be in a position to analyze the things in front of you. Ask yourself how and why they are important to you? Never stop networking with the right people. If the network is big the chance of getting your brand viral is also big.

Create your own brand strategy

Brand strategy is a long road map and a clear vision for the people you are going to serve. Each and every step which you will be going to take must fill with plans.

So, if you are planning to do something big then short term traps don’t affect you. Most people do this mistake. Building a brand is not an overnight work. It is a long term process. Most of the time you have been seen them doing getting a job done and in a particular frame of time. This is not a solution. Remember at the initial stage coca-cola has sold only twelve bottles in a year.

Be flexible in your strategy

Big brands with big revenue have been stick to their own strategy for long. But, changes are common in human life and in the brand journey too. Most of the time market conditions will not be the same. So, better you have a flexible plan for the change which you will be going to see.

Develop a correct Intiution

This is definitely a mind work. It will show how your sixth sense is working? You and your team can take help from your past experiences and create a story. A brand story is a kind of experience that everybody must feel and make a connection with it because people will remember the stories and with the help of stories they can easily recognize the brand.

Your messaging must be correctly place in the story. The questions which must be covered in your brand story are :

  • Why trust you?
  • what problem does your brand solve?
  • what type of customer do you want to target?
  • what feeling your brand gives to customers?
  • How you contribute to a better society and making people’s life good?

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